2016 Year-end review

FY2016 is about to close its curtain.

This month we look back to our track record and It was a great year for ZETTINO JAPAN! We’ve successfully established our brand first time outside our home country.

Looking back to our very first day making countless designs, travel the world for the best materials, hundreds and hundreds of prototypes, until the day we launch our first flagship store in Bangkok, Thailand. It has been a wild ride and we got lots of fans along the way.

Last year, we achieved lots of praise from the media and also got a chance to do POPUPSHOP in many department store and airports. We thought it is time to expand abroad. Japan is our “number 1” destination, Thus, we launched ZETTINO JAPAN.

Our Japanese site was up earlier this year (http://zettino.jp) along with Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ZETTINO.jp/). Please go “LIKE” and “SHARE” the page to support us. While we have lots of memorable moments, September 2016 is the golden month; We exhibited at JFW-IFF 2016 (Japan Fashion Week) in Tokyo.


We would like to thank all the visitors and customers for visiting our booth this year at JFW International Fashion Fair 2016, 26-28th September 2016. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed your visit and our hospitality. The exhibition was a great success for ZETTINO Japan and gave us the opportunity to showcase our Business Collections which we had received overwhelming response in interests.