Craftsman / Artisan / Designer

In 1989, Giancarlo Bonucci started hisleather workshop in a small alley of Venice. His love for leather crafts and obsession with the finest detail has led him to be one of the successful bespoke bag craftsmen in Venice.

Giancarlo’s work has been appreciated by many Italian noble men during 80s and 90s. His famous last word before his retirement was “bless your love and happiness in to your work, and that will eventually pass on to your customer”

As a tribute to his legacy, the brand “ZETTINO” was launched.

With the help of Giancarlo’s successors, in 2013, ZETTINO opened its first store in Bangkok, Thailand. Inspired by the sophisticated stylings of Italy, fused with an urban twist of Asian culture. ZETTINO is perfect for the confident, contemporary gentleman who admires a mix of vintage and modern styling. The brand has quickly become famous in Thailand and Singapore as well as other major cities in Asia.


The brand “ZETTINO” is derived from an Italian word “Bettino” which means “blessed with happiness” or “good fortune”. The first letter is replaced with “Z”, which represents the brand’s uniqueness and rareness.

“A design inspired by Italian’s sophistication and accentuated by Asian’s elegance.”

Every ZETTINO product is hand-crafted with top quality leather that will withstand the rigor of time. Classic yet modern, our designs incorporate both Western and Asian influences. ZETTINO is highly appreciated by modern travelers who value tradition while embracing innovation.